Kitchen Walls: A Blank Canvas For Endless Possibilities

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Kitchen walls offer some of the most practical storage space in our kitchens and yet we continue to clutter our worktops and cram our cabinets with our everyday bits and bobs. Not only do our kitchen walls provide fun and alternative ways to store our belongings, they also give us an additional outlet to express ourselves through our decor.  Because we spend so much of our time in the kitchen, many of us stick to neutral colours to save ourselves a potential headache. Often this results in kitchens that are generic, bland, and ultimately a little boring. By simply adding a few shelves or bits of art, you can inject some serious personality into an otherwise unexciting space. Whether your style is contemporary, traditional, or somewhere in between, there’s a multitude of exciting ways you can brighten up your kitchen wall, all at minimal cost and effort.


1. Typography. Display your favourite quotes and expressions on your kitchen walls. Not only can it lift the entire space, it can also give you the lift you need to get through the day.


Kitchen Walls A Blank Canvas For Endless Possibilities



2. Kitchen utensils. Whether for practical purposes or simply for aesthetics, hanging your utensils on the wall adds another layer to your kitchen. Even if you don’t use these utensils in your cooking, you can repurpose your old ones into new decor.

 Kitchen Walls A Blank Canvas For Endless Possibilities





3. Printables. Arguably the best thing about these is that you can find them free online and in a huge range of styles to suit any kitchen theme. Adding a touch of humour, these prints are perfect for the more eclectic kitchen.



4. Plates. Many of us are fond collectors of crockery and boast pieces from all over the world. Weddings presents, anniversary gifts; all these beautiful items needn’t be hid away. Show them off by hanging them on your wall. The more different, the better!

 Kitchen Walls: A Blank Canvas For Endless Possibilities



5. Cups. We’re all guilty of owning an excessive amount of cups. From novelty mugs to china tea sets, our houses are coming down with them. Sometimes we use them for pens and other miscellaneous junk ¬¬– but we’ve thought of a better use for them. Create a beautiful display out of them.




6. Family recipes on canvas. Is your grandmother famed for her vegetable soup? Or perhaps you’ve created your own specialities over the years? To your family these recipes are works of art – so why not literally turn them into one?




7. Eclectic collection. If your tastes are varied, much like your kitchen decor, you have the luxury of pretty much adding anything you want to your walls. A unified collection of disparate pieces creates a focal point in the room for you and your family to enjoy day in and day out.



8. Peg board. Pegboards are great for displaying anything and everything. This example showcases kitchen utensils, which is great from a storage point of view.  However, you can also hang plants, artwork, keys, reminders… whatever your heart desires.


Kitchen Walls: A Blank Canvas For Endless Possibilities



9. Chalkboard.  Whether it’s an individual hanging chalkboard or an entire wall decorated in chalkboard paint, this quirky style of decor is becoming increasingly popular in home interiors. Why? For a start, you can draw pictures, create reminders, write down recipes, and best of all; rub it all out and start again.

Kitchen Walls: A Blank Canvas For Endless Possibilities



10. Shutter notice board (or any kind of notice board). Grocery lists, to-do’s, timetables, invitations, appointments… With more to do, it seems there’s more to forget. A notice board avoids this problem and also creates a fun, personalised space for all the family.




11. Wine wall. ‘Novinophobia’: the fear of running out of wine. By creating a special wall display for your wine, you can easily keep tabs of your supply. Oh, and it also makes for a nice little wall feature.  This DIY example makes use out of old wooden pallets.




12. Open shelving. A lovely way to display matching dish ware and prized collections, open shelving is all the rage at the moment, particularly in the kitchen. Not only is it incredibly practical, it’s also welcoming to guests and creates a sense of openness and space.


Kitchen Walls: A Blank Canvas For Endless Possibilities


13. Plants. Plants are a great source of decor in the home, not only because they look great, but because they actually offer a range of health benefits to the inhabitants. By creating a miniature wall garden you can both add a pop of colour and a literal breath of fresh air to the kitchen.


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