10 Ways to Bring a Touch of Summer to Your Kitchen

Dream Doors Summer

“White… is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

As the weather begins to heat up, two syllables are on everyone’s lips: sum-mer. But isn’t it high time we brought some of that summer lovin’ into our homes? By adding some small touches here and there, you can turn your kitchen into a summer haven.

1. Think minimal for summer – Open the blinds, let the light in, and stow away any unnecessary items that were intended for the winter. Keep things light, airy, and fresh, using bright and lightweight decor. Get inspired by holiday home looks that emphasise space above clutter.

Summer Kitchen with Dream Doors

2. Flowers, flowers, flowers – Fresh flowers in the summer are a must. Nothing says summer quite like a bouquet of daisies, lilies, or tulips. Whether bunched together or used sparingly around the kitchen, flowers create an immediate homely and welcoming impact in any room… not to mention that gloriously fresh smell!

Summer Kitchen with Dream Doors

3. Set a colourful table– Think florals and bright colours, complimented with fresh fruit. These seemingly small touches can help create an ambiance perfectly akin to summer. Your dining table is a precious space, shared with friends and loved ones. Let your decor reflect this.

Summer Kitchen with Dream Doors

4. Update old furniture – Consider painting some features of your kitchen. From your dining table and chairs, to your island and cabinet, adding a bright colour to your decor can make your kitchen come alive for the summer. Chalk paint is huge in the DIY world right now as it’s so versatile and user-friendly. Just remember to sand down first!

Summer Kitchen with Dream Doors

5. Fresh scents – Create an appealing scent of summer using candles or air fresheners in your kitchen. We’re talking ocean breeze, vanilla, cucumber-melon. No cinnamon please!

Summer Kitchen with Dream Doors

6. Wall art– A fun way to express your personality is through wall art, especially if you create your own! From typography to prints to still life photography, these images can bring a whole new lease of life and colour to any room. For summer, go with fresh fruit and veg, flowers, seascapes… or even ice cream

Summer Kitchen with Dream Doors

7. Dip dye utensils– This is one of our favourite kitchen DIY tricks. It’s so effortless and yet so effective. By painting the tips of your utensils, you can create a really funky, eclectic look for you kitchen. Mix and match colours to really bring that summer vibe.

Summer Kitchen with Dream Doors

8. Colourful dish towels– These simple accessories can add a real touch of flair to your kitchen. Choose bright colours or florals to create that summertime glow. Even if you don’t want to buy new tea towels, it’s actually pretty easy to create some of your own. This example below uses prints from citrus fruits… how delicious!

Summer Kitchen with Dream Doors

9. Nautical theme – A nautical theme is a very overt way of bringing summer into your kitchen. The blue and white stripes, synonymous with sun, sand, and sea, will create the ultimate summer time feeling in your home. We would suggest incorporating subtle new features such as blinds, tea towels, or crockery. Not only highly effective, it also saves you any huge expense!

Summer Kitchen with Dream Doors

10. Coloured glass– Coloured glass is the perfect compliment to any kitchen, whether your style is rustic traditional or modern chic. It catches and reflects the light, adds subtle colour, and it’s transparency creates an openness which is especially important for smaller kitchens. You can add your own touches using flowers, shells, stones, to create a variety of looks suitable for your space. Arguably, the best part about these little gems is that they can generally be picked up in any charity shop for next to nothing.

Summer Kitchen with Dream Doors

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