Kiddy Proof Your Kitchen

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Our last blog post focused on the concept of ‘future proofing’ your kitchen – i.e. taking into account the layout and structure of your current kitchen and how it might work for you in future years. In reversal, this post looks at the equally important idea of child proofing your kitchen.

For young children, the kitchen is an exciting place. New smells, unusual objects, and curious sounds make it a playground of possibility, and while it might be easy to suggest a ‘keep out’ rule, this is both unrealistic and unfair. The kitchen is often at the centre of our homes; most of the action takes place here and it’s only natural that your child wants to be a part of this. As adults we cook, dine, entertain, and inevitably end up spending the majority of our time in this space. To promote healthy child development, it is important to include your children in these daily activities – but safely.

Kiddy Proof Your Kitchen

In terms of structure and design, there are several things you can do in your kitchen to reduce risks:

  • Consider curved doors and rounded cornices to avoid accidents. At Dream Doors, we offer a range of complementary accessories that will provide you with a greater level of safety in the kitchen.
  • In regards to kitchen storage, you might want to consider more upper-level type storage. We would also suggest organising your goods in such a way so as to keep the most hazardous products out of reach, such as medicines and cleaning products.
  • Flooring is an integral aspect. Falls are the most common type of accident in the home, accounting for 44% of all childhood injuries. Laminate flooring with a matte finish creates a much less slippery surface when wet than wooden or tiled floors.

In addition there are many great products available on the market, specifically designed with your child in mind, which you might consider investing in:

  • Adhesive mount cabinet locks
  • Stove knob covers
  • Plug covers
  • Safety gates
  • Sharp corner protectors
  • Cord shorteners

A great idea might also be to display important rules on the wall to serve as both a reminder to you and a learning tool for your child. These might include:

  • Never leave a child unattended
  • Keep floors skid-proof by immediately cleaning up spills
  • Keep flammable objects away from the stove
  • Handles on pots and pans on stove always facing inwards
  • Sharp objects made inaccessible
  • Store glass, china, and small choking hazards such as toothpicks and rubber bands out of reach in sealed cabinets
  • Store bin bags in a locked cabinet
  • Wash your hands regularly

At Dream Doors, we run a fully bespoke service, allowing us to work closely with you to create the safest possible environment for you and you child. By taking these small measures you can ensure years of good, clean, responsible fun!

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