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It’s Spring time and we often feel the urge to clear out clutter, re-organise and clean. Do you start from the top of the house and work downstairs or vice versa? However you approach it, the kitchen is usually the room that requires the most elbow grease, so here at Dream Doors, we’ve put together a brief guide on the best way to care for your kitchen on a daily basis to ease the chore of Spring cleaning.


Clean with only a damp soapy cloth, applying the minimum amount of moisture to the door and wipe dry afterwards. No water should ever be left on the surface of the door and do not expose to excessive heat, so be careful where you place a kettle or toaster.

Ensure the kitchen has adequate ventilation, especially whilst cooking, washing or drying to reduce heat and moisture. Take extra care of doors close to a dishwasher or washing machine.


If you have a high gloss worktop, only damp soapy cloths should be used, again, applying the minimum amount of moisture to it and then wiping dry afterwards with a dry kitchen towel or tea towel.

Do not chop directly on the worktop surface and place hot pans, ovenware and irons on a trivet or protective mat to protect the surface. The use of abrasive cleaners and pads, corrosive or aggressive cleaning agents should be avoided as they will have a detrimental effect.

Kettles, coffee machines, fryers or other sources of heat or damp source should not be positioned directly over worktop joints. Constant changes in temperature could lead to joint failure.


Stainless steel sinks will always scratch. However with use and cleaning, the stainless steel will eventually build up a patina over the years and the scratching marks will not be as evident.

Discoloration and most marks on stainless steel are caused by water-borne deposits clinging to its surface. One of the best ways to keep your stainless steel sink in pristine condition is to clean it with a proprietary product such as Shiny Sinks which can be used daily.

For day-to-day care of ceramic sinks, all you need is water and a damp cloth. A fast and easy way to remove water marks, grease or soap scum deposits, is with a proprietary bathroom cleaner such as Ajax or Flash liquid spray, or similar products found in your supermarket.


Whilst all kitchen flooring is made for resilience, there is no such thing as indestructible flooring material. However, there are some simple measures that can help keep your floor looking like new.

Place mats at exterior doors to collect small bits of sand and gravel that may be tracked into the home.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning

Use floor protectors on chairs, tables, and other easily movable furniture. Replace plastic casters with rubber wheels and lift, rather than slide, heavy objects across the floor.

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