Handy Tips to Stay Cool During The Heatwave

Dream Doors Heatwave

The great heatwave is upon us! With temperatures hitting the highest levels in years it’s no wonder that people are practically going mad in the heat.

Unlike other countries, us British aren’t prepared for the hot weather. Air conditioning is a thing of legend and portable fans can only do so much!

So, we at Dream Doors decided to help the nation out by providing some much-needed tips on how to keep cool during these scorching times.

Dream Doors Window

Open Your Windows

Pretty simple, right? Well then do it! If you open a window on one side of your house and then another on the other side then you can create a cool through draft. Although outside noises, such as roads, may be a factor.

Also, be wary of your location, opening many windows in an easily accessible bungalow could invite unwanted guests!

Dream Doors Cover

Cover Up

ARE YOU MAD!?- I hear you ask. Well, it’s not that crazy! Why do you think people in hot countries often cover their bodies up? Because of the sun!

It’s so easy for us Brits to burn so why take the chance? Just wear some loose-fitting clothes that cover your body and you’ll be laughing.

Cover up your house too! By closing your curtains, you can stop your house heating up like a greenhouse!

Dream Doors Meals

Small Meals

Bear with us on this one. Studies suggest that the larger the meal you have to digest, the more metabolic heat your body creates to break down the food. Therefore, smaller meals regularly will help reduce your internal heat.

Be sure to avoid foods that are high in protein as this raises your metabolic heat further!

Dream Doors Spicy

Eat Spicy Foods

Again, we may sound crazy here but it works! Hot food such as chilli can cool your body by making you sweat. Eventually you’ll have a hot mouth with a cool body!

It’s no coincidence that some of the hottest locations worldwide have the spiciest food- think about it!

If you’re able to replace most of your meals with hot dishes then you’ll be set!

Dream Doors Water


Yes, you have to drink a lot of water to stay hydrated but there is even more you can do! Putting your wrists under a cold tap for five seconds every couple of hours can help cool your blood due to the main veins located inside. Heck you could even fill up a spray bottle with water and spritz yourself cool.

Try taking a bath or shower just below body temperature, a freezing cold shower can be detrimental as your body will heat up afterwards to compensate for the loss of warmth.

Dream Doors Fan

Use fans wisely

Electric fans are very useful as they push cold air into your face, although they should not be left on constantly as the energy used will gradually make the room hotter.

You can increase the effectiveness of a fan by placing some ice in front of it, this produces a cool breeze. If you’re using a fan at night make sure you can deal with the noise!

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