Halloween Decorations to Get Your Skin Crawling

Dream Doors Halloween

halloween decorations

Halloween is the time of year to celebrate everything spooky! We love this tradition for many reasons: The parties, the trick or treating and most of all- the decorations.

Many of us like to decorate our households with appropriate props and accessories, just to add to the atmosphere.

We at Dream Doors have decided to create a list of great Halloween decorations available this year, bound to send a shiver down any visitor’s spine!

From hanging skeletons to frightening food, there’s bound to be something here that appeals to your scary nature!

So without further ado let’s jump right into it. Buyer beware, you’re in for a scare….

Zombie Ground Prop

zombie decorationWhen passers-by notice the ghoulish features on this little guy they’re bound to get a scare!

Simply stick his arms and head in any position you like in front of the grave to give the illusion of him crawling out of it.

Want to add something extra? Perhaps put him in mud or try to hide him in a dark place to add to the scare.

Get it from HERE

Spider Webs

spider web decorationIf you want something spooky to fill out the house with then look no further than some good ol’ fake spider webs.

The best fake spider webs look authentic and add to the scary atmosphere, changing your contemporary house into that of a haunted Victorian manor.

Want more inspiration? Why not try thicker webs, dripping blood, police tape or perhaps even a calm mist?

Get it from HERE

Large Feathered Raven

raven decorationThis gorgeous feature can be an interesting addition to the household, greeting visitors and providing an initial shock due to its realness.

Gothic without being too spooky, this raven prop can fit into any Halloween themed house, maybe even after the holiday is over!

Get it from HERE

Large Black Cauldron

cauldron decorationThe prime alchemy appliance for a witch, the cauldron is an iconic Halloween decoration.

A bit typical? Sure but this prop is incredibly versatile and can have many uses!

Want to use it as a container for a nice drink? Or perhaps make a party game where people have to fish objects out of it. Either way, there’s plenty of toil and trouble to be had with a cauldron.

Get it from HERE

Light up Ghost

ghost decorationThis cute ghost with a smile on his face is the perfect decoration for a kid-friendly environment.

Hang him up on the ceiling so he’s looking down or get creative and hide him in someones room or outside in a tree.

This product comes with a colour changing light and an eerie flowing fabric. why not invite this guy to Halloween?

Get it from HERE

Eyeball Lights

eyeball decorationThey have their eye on you. if you want lighting and decoration in one then LOOK no further.

Hang these over a door or bannister and watch them glare down on your guests, creating a fun and spooky atmosphere for your Halloween event.

Why not double them up with the spider webs and have them poking out, perhaps place them in intriguing places people wouldn’t expect. There is a lot you can do with these!

Get it from HERE

Bloody Foot Prints and Splats

blood prints decorationNothing’s sure to creep your guests out more than bloody feet marks all over the place.

These decorations are sure to add mystery to your house. Other versions, such as hand prints, are also available.

Why be simple with it? Why not put some on the walls or ceiling, you never know what comes out to play on Halloween night…

Get it from HERE

Halloween Screaming Door Mat

scary decorationThis decoration, although hidden under your house mat, could be the freakiest of them all!

Managing to scare your guests before they’ve even entered your house is an accomplishment, one which this product can achieve.

With various scary sounds such as thunder, screaming and ominous warnings, this mat is sure to cause a shiver.

Get it from HERE.

Toilet Grabber

scary toilet decorationWant to give someone a scare where they least expect it? Then take a look at the toilet grabber.

This toilet seat cover effectively gives the impression that a zombie is crawling out of the toilet to get you!

Want some variety? there are clown and spider versions too!

Scary and gross, a perfect Halloween decoration.

Get it from HERE

Life Size Skeleton Decoration

skeleton decorationWe thought we’d end with a classic, the full size skeleton.

This particular decoration is timeless and can be utilised in incredible ways. Such as: Standing in the shower, hanging in a cupboard or even sitting on a seat.

Go wild with this one. The skeleton can be put into any position to try to maximise the spookiness or comedy.

Get it from HERE

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