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Dream Doors Fun in the Kitchen

kitchen activities

The kitchen has always been the heart of every home. We don’t only use this space for cooking and cleaning, we also use it to share memories and laugh with friends and family.

To celebrate our success as the number 1 kitchen door replacement service in the UK we have decided to bring to you some of the best kitchen-based activities. For those special days with your loved ones.

Murder Mystery

kitchen murder mystery

The game of murder mystery is a classic, and with good reason! What’s not to love about having to guess whom in your midst is the killer?

You can try to create your very own story and characters, although we recommend buying a pre-made boxset. Be sure to send all your guests their formal invitation, along with a description of their character, costume etc.

Once your guests arrive, enjoy a night of role-playing fun, trying to figure out who’s telling the truth and who’s telling porkies.

Remember to cook an appropriate feast! Some games require multiple courses in which scenes are acted out.

Murder mysteries can take place in any time at any place, whether it’s the past, present or distant future! your imagination is the limit!

Egg Hunt

kitchen activity

It doesn’t have to be Easter to have a good egg hunt! Kids love searching for things so this game is perfect!

Hide all your desired prizes (they don’t have to be eggs!) and have your little critters scour high and low to find them.

Health and safety comes first of course. So, make sure that anything that could harm your young ones are out the way, this includes cutlery, knives and cleaning products. Also, make sure that no climbing is involved in the hunt, as this can be dangerous.

Why not make it a competition? Who can find the most!

Playdoh Restaurant

kitchen activity

Grab some playdoh, print out some receipts and menus with interesting designs and put the kids to work making food for you to enjoy!

Go for the full kitchen experience, including having the kids dress and act like waiters, taking your order and delivering your food.

Go along with the role play but remember- don’t actually eat anything! Also-be sure to keep your eye on the children the whole time, don’t want them trying any of their “delicacies” for themselves and getting poorly!

Make a Recipe Book

kitchen activity

You can do this activity by yourself or, if you wish, involve other members of the family. Discover some great recipes and note them down.

Create the food each time, taking a photo of your progress and result, along with the ones involved in making it. Perhaps even rate the food, showing how much you like or dislike it.

This activity doubles up as a great bonding experience and could even be used as a present to family friends.

Make some exotic food that you wouldn’t have tried otherwise, this will help broaden your culinary palette.

There are many ways you can create the book, uploading it to the internet for printing or doing it the old-fashioned way with cutting and gluing.

Board Games

kitchen activity

Sometimes you don’t have to DIY to have a good time in the kitchen. Grab the family and find a good board game to play, a form of fun often lost in modern times due to technology.

If you have young kids then opt for a game like monopoly, Jenga or chain reaction. Something fun and visual yet not too challenging. You don’t want to beat them every time!

Feeling intelligent? Play some smart games such as scrabble, chess or perhaps even some good old poker.

If you have older children or want to play with older family friends then opt for funny, albeit, rude games such as “Cards Against Humanity”, “Would I Lie to You?” and “Bucket of Doom.”

Board games are always an option, no matter what age!

Ping Pong

kitchen activity

Everyone fancies a bit of a challenge sometimes, so why not create your own ping pong table to let off some of that competitive steam.

All you need is a table net, two ping pong rackets and multiple ping pong balls (in case you lose them!)

Make sure to move everything valuable out of the way so nothing get damaged or smashed.

If you have enough space why not try 2 on 2 games? Also, if there are adults why not add some brews into the mix? (you know what we’re saying)

Science Experiments

kitchen activity

Having fancy experiments in the kitchen is a sure way to entertain the kids, and maybe even the adults!

Go for something simple, we’re not trying to splice the atom here. Some simple experiments include:

• Building a potato battery.
• Creating a baking soda and Vinegar volcano.
• Playing with homemade slime.
• Seeing how Oobleck reacts to sound vibrations.
• Create homemade lightning.
• Dying plants with coloured water.
• Kid-friendly lava lamps.


Fantasy Fun

kitchen activity

Why not redecorate your kitchen for the little ones and have an adventure inside it? Any time, country, or even world, can be emulated.

There’s a lot of different settings you can create with the help of a few decorations, such as:

A Pirate Ship- Use cardboard and a duvet to turn your table into a makeshift boat, maybe even treat the floor as water. Don’t forget to add some crocodiles or sharks in!

A Spaceship- Use glowing lamps in the dark to create that spacey feel. Hang planets from the ceiling and place glowing stars around the room.

A Rain forest- decorate with leaves, flowers, animal toys etc. Put on some atmospheric music and make vines and rivers out of crepe paper.

Theming your kitchen to different locations and cultures will not only be fun but also educational for your children.

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