Keeping The Family Entertained This Summer

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With the half term break upon us and school summer holidays just around the corner, many of us will be thinking up how we can keep our families entertained this summer. So, today, we’ll share some inexpensive and fun activities that you can carry out in and around the kitchen this summer to keep the whole family entertained.

1 – Start a baking club

baking club

Bored kids lying about the house glued to the TV? Starting your very own bakery club is a great way to bring families together. You can even teach your kids (and indeed, partners) how to bake their very own treats. Whether you’re making Rice Krispie buns or homemade bread, just watch your kids’ eyes light up as they tuck into something they made with their very own hands!

2 – Carry out a kitchen clear-out

kitchen clear-out

Admittedly, carrying out a kitchen clean-up isn’t quite as fun as setting up a baking club. However, if your kitchen resembles a hoarder’s paradise, it may be time to carry out a thorough clear-out. To make the task easier, you can enlist willing (or unwilling) kids and partners, and designate each person a role or area to clear. It might not be much fun, but you’ll all enjoy that unbeatable sense of accomplishment once you’ve finished. If your kids are simply unwilling, try offering some kind of incentive. Do they have a favourite meal or restaurant? Reward their efforts with a slap-up meal afterwards.

3 – Grow your own herbs or plants

grow herbs

This is another great activity that you can enjoy with your kids. Herbs in particular are some of the most versatile plants available, and if you plant and grow them with your children, you can introduce them to other plants and vegetables, as well as the benefits of ‘growing your own’. From setting up a small window selection of potted plants to cultivating your very own fruit and vegetables in the garden, the options are endless.

4 – Teach your kids how to cook

cooking lesson

Cooking is a fundamental life skill. And by engaging your kids at an early age, you can teach them to appreciate home-cooked dinners and enjoy preparing healthy meals for themselves. Not only that, but teaching kids how to measure, weigh and follow recipes can improve their literacy and numeracy skills too. Start off with easy recipes and make sure you reward your children for taking an interest. Also, be patient. After all, not all kids are born to be culinary elites. So take your time with everything and try and make cooking lessons a regular feature in your household to keep interest high.

With these 4 suggestions, you and your family can spend some quality time together this summer and learn some new skills in the process.

However, if you’re unhappy with your kitchen space, Dream Doors can help you create a kitchen that you and your family will love spending time in this summer. With over 50 showrooms across the UK, your local showroom is probably a lot closer than you may think! So, why not book a free consultation with our kitchen experts today? Simply locate your nearest Dream Doors kitchen showroom now.

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