Easy Halloween Costumes for the Little Ones

scary pumpkin

It’s almost that time of year again! The season for scares, tricks, treats, and most of all, great costumes! Although, we know that sometimes you don’t have the time or budget to get the perfect costume for your little ones. As such, we’ve decided to provide you with some cheap costume alternatives. You’re bound to keep them happy with some of these ingenious outfits!

Happy Halloween!

kid zombie


What’s more iconic and easy to make as the zombie costume? All you need is some fake blood and ripped clothes and voila! We’ll make a monster out of your nippers yet!

Want to add some more to their costume? Why not buy some fake flesh for them to carry or perhaps put stained bandages over parts of their body? You could even add an extra layer to their get up by going as a zombie builder or (if it’s tasteful) a late great celebrity.

Rosie costume

Rosie the Riveter

YOU CAN DO IT! What better costume for your little girl than the original World War 2 icon- Rosie the Riveter. All you need is some jeans, a blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a polka dot bandana.

Rosie represents the woman who worked in factories and shipyards during the great war, many of whom produced munitions for war supplies. Rosie’s image spread positive propaganda and a “can do” spirit. Scary? No. An iconic costume? Yes.

grape costume

Bunch of Grapes

For those who want an easy costume that shouldn’t be taken seriously. Simply blow up a bunch of purple balloons and stick them to your child’s clothes (make sure they wear something to help them stick)

They could even act angry all night, playing out an active metaphor for “The Grapes of Wrath”, an iconic novel by John Steinbeck. Too much for a minor? You may be right, either way, the grapes outfit is a lot of fun.

easy costume

Bulletin Board

Out of time to get them a costume? Grab some sticky notes and a plain top and there you have it! Write down some funny gags and reminders for those curious people to discover: “Don’t read me”, “What are you looking at”, “Reminder- buy a good costume” etc.

You could even give your child a pen and let their friends write their own personal notes to stick on. Let’s hope they can be sensible though!

easy halloween costume


Yet another punny outfit that is bound to get some laughs here and there. Become a COPY-cat- a feline with a knack for plagiarism. All you need to get is a pair of cat ears, a tail. Be sure to have them keep some test sheets around to cheat off!

You could even capitalise on the whole school element by having them wear their school uniform- simple and quirky, they’re bound to enjoy it!

simple costume

Pig in a blanket

For those with a disposition for meaty treats. Just like the copycat, all you need is some pig ears, a pig nose and a fluffy blanket-after that you’re all set!

The type of blanket is entirely up to you, you could even have a gander online for a specific bacon-themed one.

easy superhero costume

A Superhero

What little boy or girl doesn’t want to be a superhero nowadays? Heroism has been thrown into the limelight of modern times thanks to the widely successful Marvel and DC franchises. Superhero costumes can be found on the cheap in any Halloween shop.

Who says they have to be a specific hero? You can have them make up their own, creating their very own costume from accessories you already own. Examples could be Goggles, part of a blanket as a cape, refashioned wellies for that classic boot look. There are loads of possibilities!

robber costume


It’s time to bring this classic outfit back. This costume is instantly recognisable and easy to do. All you need is a black and white striped shirt, an eye mask and black trousers.

Encourage your kid to play around with the persona asking people to “put the sweets in the bag” when treat or treating and to act like they’re carrying stolen goods!

easy witch costume


Who could forget the classic witch? Since its initial popularity from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, witches have become cultural icons, often being seen as the figureheads of Halloween events. All you need for this wicked costume is an all-black getup and a witches hat! How easy is that?

Of course, you could add a lot more to the outfit if you wish. Such as a cauldron, a fake nose, a broom, even fluffy animals as minions. There’s plenty you could do with this one!

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