Are Contemporary Kitchen Designs Catering for Older Peoples’ Needs?

Dream Doors Elderly

Research has revealed that communication is the key to meeting older peoples’ needs in the kitchen.

In a unique study carried out by researchers at Loughborough University and the Open University, academics have revealed that many older people feel that their kitchen is difficult to utilise and enjoy.

Led by the esteemed Professor Sheila Peace, the study involved numerous interviews with kitchen-owners across the UK. In these interviews, many older people revealed that due to poor kitchen design, they were unable to enjoy their kitchen spaces. And in some cases, a poorly-designed kitchen was a large contributing factor in removing home-owners’ independence, as many required help to cook their meals and manage their kitchens.

But why are so many people finding their kitchens difficult to navigate and use? Dr. Martin Maguire, one of the five academics involved in the study, commented that the answer lies in poor communication. Indeed, many people that were interviewed did not realise that their kitchens could be modified and altered to meet their needs. Dr. Maguire led on to comment that the main message that should be gained from the study is that there is a clear need for better awareness of alternatives and modifications that can be made to kitchen spaces.

Some of the main issues that that have been highlighted by the study include poorly placed shelves, insufficient kitchen lighting and cupboard door handles that are difficult to reach and use. Many more people that were interviewed stated that their worktops were unsuitable for everyday use and that their kitchen appliances were difficult to manage. The academics carrying out the study commented that by addressing these issues, the older generation would be able to find greater independence in their homes and enjoy a higher standard of living.

How Dream Doors can help you enjoy your kitchen once more

At Dream Doors, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Each of our customers is unique, with their own distinct needs and requirements.

This is why in each of our UK kitchen showrooms; we have invested in the very latest CAD computer software. With it, our expert designers can produce a 3-D model of your kitchen. This model allows us to explore exactly what you like and don’t like about your kitchen, and what changes could be made to make your life in the kitchen a bit easier and more enjoyable.

If your kitchen lighting is poor, we can plan effective lighting that meets your needs. If your shelves are too high or your cupboard handles are difficult to use, our experts would be delighted to walk you through what can do to improve your kitchen’s practicality and accessibility. With so many styles and options to choose from, we can cater to your every need and requirement.

You won’t find this kind of service elsewhere, and we believe that it is this service that sets us apart from other providers. So, if you’re finding your kitchen isn’t fulfilling your needs, why not contact your local Dream Doors kitchen showroom today? Your friendly local team would be delighted to offer you a FREE consultation and quote with ZERO obligation. Just click here to locate your nearest kitchen showroom now!

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