Colourful Kitchens

Colourful Kitchens

As summer is quickly approaching and nature is beginning to bloom, we are reminded of the many vibrant colours that exist in the world. It is scientifically proven that colours have a direct effect on our mood and therefore impact our lifestyles. As we spend so much time in our homes, we believe it’s very important to design a space that you can enjoy, and as colour can have such a big impact on our temperament it should be a key consideration. We all have different styles and preferences, so decide which colour reflects you and your personality and then consider incorporating it into your kitchen. We’re not suggesting you redesign your whole kitchen; you could even just add a few objects to introduce a colour theme.


We have put together a mood board to inspire you:

 1-red-mood-board_web 2-mood-board-blue_web 3-black-mood-board_web 4-orange-mood-board_web 5-purple-mood-board_web 6-blue-mood-board_web



If you are interested in giving your kitchen a colourful makeover and would like to discuss the options available, just give your local Dream Doors showroom a call and we will be more than happy to help!




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