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Dream Doors Case Study

What did the customer want?

On her first visit to the Dream Doors showroom the customer came to us with a clear idea of what she wanted to change in her kitchen.


Her kitchen had an old range cooker which dominated the room but was now in need of replacement. Because of the size of the cooker, a large gap would be left when it was removed which would be hard to fill with a new cooker, so the customer planned to replace her worktops to deal with this issue and to give her kitchen a more modern feel.


She had read about Dream Doors in the press and carried out some further research, reading reviews online which convinced her that Dream Doors was the right kitchen company for her.


Expert planning and design

The customer picked out some work surfaces to order, however the Dream Doors showroom owner, encouraged her to take samples home to consider how they would actually look in her kitchen.


Because at Dream Doors we want to make the most of customers’ existing kitchens, the showroom owner also visited the customer at home for a full planning and design consultation and worked with her to address other concerns with her kitchen.


She had said during her first showroom visit she was looking for a clean, modern look so he explained that changing the door and drawer fronts could achieve this.  She also wanted a dishwasher but felt there was not enough room, but the Dream Doors showroom owner  helped her see, by changing a few things, that a dishwasher could be incorporated. He also discussed with the customer how different storage solutions such as deep drawers and optimisers could be installed to make the most of her space and would mean she wouldn’t have to bend or get down on her knees to reach utensils in the back of cupboards. He also recommended a modern, split level ‘slide and glide’ oven and induction hob which meant the customer could cook in comfort.


Stress free fitting

The customer admitted that she was worried about disruption during the fitting, but the showroom owner managed the whole fitting process to ensure that she didn’t have to deal with managing multiple tradesmen. This reassured the customer, who was more than happy with the workmen and commented that they were very nice and she was delighted with their work.


Overall the fitting, including tiling and replacement lighting took just under two weeks. The customer commented: “It was very, very quick. I know friends of mine are still waiting four weeks later. Even when one door didn’t meet Dream Doors’ high standards, we got the replacement within a couple of days. It was very good, very quick and very efficient.”


Exceeding expectations – the finished effect

At the end of the job, the customer was left with a new look kitchen that met her brief and more than exceeded her expectations.


She had a designed kitchen with a clean modern look; new work surfaces and door fronts; optimised, out of sight storage; a new workable cooker; under lighting which added a soft alternative to the brighter overhead lighting and modern ‘metro’ style tiling around the kitchen.


A very satisfied customer

The customer said: “I am extremely happy with the kitchen, I come down in the morning and think ‘Yay this is mine!’ – I love my kitchen enormously. I have friends who have done their kitchen and I know you can never compare as size and layout of kitchens are different, but I am very pleased with what I have got for my money, and believe I have got a really good deal compared to some of my friends.  When the kitchen was finished I asked for some recommendation cards as I had shown people some pictures of my kitchen on my phone and they all seemed to be keen. So yes, I am very, very happy!”


kitchen before and after makeover

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