Boring Kitchen Be Gone: Create New Life With Colour in Your Kitchen


“Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways.” – Oscar Wilde

Our cabinetry accounts for more than 60% of our kitchen space and with classic white and wooden finishes reigning supreme, some kitchens can appear – dare we say – a little lacklustre. These colour choices, while arguably predictable, make total sense. They tend to be much more trend proof, avoid potential headaches, and eliminate the regret factor of a more impetuous colour decision.


Depending on your tastes and/or budget you can give your kitchen a whole new lease of life by adding pops of colour. Whether in colour uniformity or through mismatching, you’d be surprised at how much difference a little colour, here or there, can make. You can banish the boring and create a much fresher, homely and personalised look for that all-important kitchen space.


So go on – be brave and add some colour!



Opting to change your worktops is perhaps the most dramatic option on our list, but we think this example emphasises just how powerful a move it can be. Encompassing the length of your entire kitchen structure, the worktop is a focal point of the kitchen.  By choosing a bold colour, your kitchen will automatically stand out and lose any of that dullness you were once complaining about.


Depending on how much of a feature you wish to make of your countertops, you can opt for a level of thickness that suits your intentions.  At Dream Doors we have a huge selection of worktop styles, varying in colours and finishes. Why not take a peek?


 Boring Kitchen Be Gone!





Painting your walls can seem like a pretty serious step but, in reality, it’s just another layer than can easily be added or changed. It’s also the perfect opportunity to bring some colour to an otherwise understated space. Whether you choose a feature wall, patterned wallpaper, or an all-over colour, there are plenty of options available when it comes to your kitchen walls.


 Boring Kitchen Be Gone!





Not only does your backsplash protect your walls from the grease and grime of everyday life, it also provides an additional opportunity to add some style and colour to your kitchen.  It might seem like an expensive alteration but with so many alternatives out there – from recycled tiles to bottle caps, you are bound to find something within your price range and suitable for your kitchen.


 Boring Kitchen Be Gone!




Inside cabinets

To heck with convention! Why not paint the inside of your cabinets? While it might be literally inside the box, it’s actually a much more “outside of the box” way of adding colour to your kitchen. It works especially well if your cabinets are glazed. It offers a lot of scope to add brightness and, at the same time, can be easily applied and changed. Remember to choose a colour that will complement the contents inside!


 Boring Kitchen Be Gone!




Light fixtures

As you can see in the example below, this kitchen employs a relatively neutral colour scheme but by adding coloured shades to the light pendants, the kitchen takes on a much more lively and unique look and feel. While a seemingly small detail, by going bold in this one design feature, you can really create a statement with your design.


 Boring Kitchen Be Gone!





Whether you’re starting your kitchen from scratch and choosing new appliances, or whether you’re due an upgrade on your kettle and toaster, think bright and bold especially if your current colour scheme is on the neutral side.  We love how this kitchen has made a feature out of the colour blue using the outset wall and oven.



 Boring Kitchen Be Gone!





This all depends on your kitchen style and whether it has a dining area. If you’re lucky enough to boast an island, adding boldly coloured stools is a sure way to add some brightness to your kitchen space. The same goes if you have a dining table. Add colourful fabric to or paint your chairs. Use a colourful table-cloth and dress with flowers. It’s that simple.


 Boring Kitchen Be Gone!





A focal point of any room, it is always important to accentuate whatever window area you have. Drawing in natural light from outside, it has the ability to lift an entire room. By embellishing this feature with cheerful curtains or bright blinds, you can add a serious colour boost to your kitchen.


 Boring Kitchen Be Gone!





When you consider that the only colour that comes from this kitchen is the rug, it’s pretty amazing the difference it makes.  With white cabinets, white walls, white flooring, and white tiles, this one patterned rug creates such a vivid effect on the entire space.


 Boring Kitchen Be Gone!





This is one of the easiest and most effective ways of adding some vibrancy to your kitchen. From your fruit bowl to a bunch of flowers, you can literally change your colour scheme everyday. This is when a neutral kitchen really comes into its own. By adopting a monotone base, you have the opportunity to add a variety of colours without the risk of clashing or overdoing it. This example also showcases some beautiful bright fabrics on the seating and even the cookbooks serve as a point of colour!


 Boring Kitchen Be Gone!


Visit Dream Doors Kitchen Finishing Touches to view the range of accessories and options we offer which enable our customers to get creative and achieve any look they are going for. 



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