Bonfire Night- From Your Own Home

Dream Doors Bonfire Night

bonfire night
It’s that time of year again! The time of fireworks and joy for all the family. That’s right, its bonfire night!

What are your plans for the evening? Going to watch the firework show? Perhaps going to see some friends or family? Or maybe even spending the evening at your home, relishing in your own celebrations?

Well if you’re of the latter category then you’re in luck! We at Dream Doors love bonfire night and have decided to put together some of the best ways for you to celebrate the evening, from the comfort of your own home.


Slow Cooked Goodness

food bonfire night

Worried about your meal in the evening? The slow cooker is the perfect tool for your supper on bonfire night.

Simply leave it to do its magic whilst your out watching fireworks and when your back it’ll be ready and hot! Want something extra with it? Put some potatoes in the oven to be served alongside it.

The delicious broth reminds us of the times of old, like that of Guy Fawkes’.

Home Fireworks

You can’t have a bonfire night at home without some fireworks! Although nowadays there’s so many different types its hard to know what to buy. We’ve decided to create a list of the different types and the perfect places in which to use them:
bonfire night fireworks Rocket

The most commonly used firework on the market.

These little beauties propel into the air at high speeds climbing enormous heights.

Once at their peak they explode with a satisfying bang and a mesmerising light show.


bonfire firework Roman Candles

These are long tubes that, when lighted at one end, shoot out a volley of colourful orbs.

The shots can crackle, explode or flash.



fountain firework Fountain

A colourful sight without any of the noise.

These fireworks release a cascading shower of sparks upwards. bigger fireworks, bigger fountains.

Perfect entertainment for the little critters, who doesn’t like a light show?


catherine wheel firework Catherine Wheel

These intriguing wheels shoot out fireworks and propel themselves around in a circle.

the fiery display is sure to delight those of all ages.

These wheels are also often used to light subsequent fireworks.


mine firework Mine

The effect of these may be short-lived but are certainly epic.

The mine is shot from a mortal shell on the ground and shoots coloured stars of various flashes and bangs into the sky.

Mines are generally the loudest of all fireworks.


cake firework Cake

These consist of a group of fireworks that can be set off one after the other.

Cakes allow for a fully customised display to your exact needs.

Generally consisting of rockets and roman candles, these functional fireworks have an internal fuse, allowing for precise timing.
bonfire night sparkler Sparklers

Sparklers are small, handheld metal sticks which, when lit, emit a constant stream of sparks.

Modern varieties can be bigger and change colour!

These are safe to use and can be given to children.


Bonfire Guide

bonfire night

Wouldn’t be a bonfire night without an actual bonfire! As such we’ve decided to include a guide here for making a simple garden bonfire. Remember to be wary of your surroundings.

1. Pick a suitable spot.

2. Grab some unwanted wood, dry twigs, leaves and sticks.

3. Dig a shallow pit in the size of the fire you want.

4. Surround your pit with bricks or stones (this prevents it from spreading)

5. Arrange the wood and twigs in a pyramid shape with leaves underneath.

6. Ignite the wood, we recommend using fire lighters.

7. Arrange some seating, such as camping chairs and blankets.

And there you have it! Why not add a cooler onto the mix for some nice cold beers (or soft drinks!)


These historical rhymes have become lost in modern times, although there’s nothing better than a chorus of friends and family all chanting together.

Although some lines may sound a bit morbid we’ve decided to bring you the best of the lot. Enjoy!

bonfire night chant

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