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  1. Savisto Handheld 3 in 1 blender Amazon

Don’t want to fork out for a big expensive blender? Well this little beauty does the job at half the price! 3 in 1 handheld with a turbo button for those tough ingredients, plus a powerful yet quiet motor? Yes please! Powerful yet versatile, from blending to whisking this funky gadget is perfect for all your mixing needs!

  1. Crock-Pot digital Countdown Slow Cooker Amazon

If you’re looking for a great slow cooker at good value look no further! This modern piece of kit boasts several features from its fantastic build quality to easy temperature control through the use of a touch screen. This particular slow cooker also comes with a keep auto-warm function, meaning that when your food is finished cooking it will automatically be kept hot. Not bad for a bucket.



easy kitchen appliance

  1. Foodsaver Automatic Vacuum Sealing System Amazon

Tired of food constantly going off? Feel like you’re wasting some perfectly good munch? Consider investing in this innovative machine. With the use of heat seal bags you can keep your food vacuum sealed and fresh for much longer! Why wouldn’t you want to save food? And money for that matter! Want to keep jarred ingredients fresh as well? Consider a FoodSaver Wide-Mouth Jar Sealer.

  1. Breville Blend Active Personal Blender Amazon

Sure this may not be the fancied juicer on the market but look at that price! For under around £20 you get an easy to use and effective blender with a portable bottle. Crushes strong ingredients, even ice! With easy use and removable dishwasher-friendly blades this could be the easiest and cheapest blender out there! Bish, bash, bosh, done!

easy kitchen appliance

  1. Arendo Stainless (cordless) Steel Glass Kettle Amazon

Looking for a cheap yet durable kettle? Then this is the one for you, plus it’s cordless! No more faffing about, place the kettle base wherever you want! With its see-through shell with blue LED lights you can see exactly how much water you’re boiling and how soon it will be ready, making it easy to prepare for that perfect cuppa!

  1. Norpro Round Pancake/Egg Rings Amazon

A bit silly? Perhaps. Not necessary? Possibly. Although darn it, having pancakes and eggs in perfect mini circles is so satisfying! Neat and rewarding, why not try it for yourself?



easy kitchen appliance

  1. GEFU Resisti Draining Sieve Amazon

No more pasta lost down the sink! This handy contraption makes it so that you don’t have to drain your food in a separate sieve, you simply attach it to a container, tip it to drain and then viola! Drained without anything missing! Saves time and space!


  1. Frostbite Mini Fridge Black-49ltr Amazon

Want to be able to quickly grab a refreshing drink? Be that of the light or “hard” variety. With a double glazed see-through window and adjustable thermostat this little beauty does everything you’ll need from a drinks fridge. Did I mention it lights up? Funky eh?



easy kitchen appliance

  1. Pub Bar Stand Up/ Wall Mounted Bottle Opener & Catcher Amazon

I’m sensing a running theme here…..Anyway, do you want a simple solution to both bottle opening and dealing with the cap afterwards? Well here it is! This wall-mounted opener includes a catcher so you don’t have to bend down to pick up those pesky caps. Makes those nights of boozing that much simpler!



easy kitchen appliance

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