It’s Time For an Autumn Purge, says Specialist Dream Doors

Dream Doors Autumn


Autumn is on the horizon and the distinct chill in the air means it’s inevitable that our thoughts turn inwards – to the home. With nesting season fast approaching it’s only natural to cast a critical eye over your living space. Yet according to new research commissioned by Sugru* 60% of us are embarrassed by our homes, the top reason being that they are too messy – and 23% of us pretend to be out when someone calls round to avoid having to show them indoors.


Troy Tappenden, MD of Dream Doors gives his perspective:



“Autumn is our busiest time at Dream Doors because many of our customers start viewing their homes with a more critical eye pre-holiday. A combination of factors including Christmas plans on the horizon and increased hours spent in the kitchen leads many people to conclude that it’s time for a kitchen purge and a seasonal refresh!”


At this time of year, the phrase tidy home, tidy mind could not be more apt. What’s more, according to Marie Kondo, author of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up; The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising, you should only keep things in your home that you love or which give you a spark of joy. Unless you love an object, she says, don’t bring it into your home.


But what about when it comes to the kitchen? What’s the best way to go about decluttering the hardest working space in your home?


Top tips for decluttering your kitchen:


  • Set aside a day, a few days or a week to attend to the task in hand. To start, empty all the cupboards in one go so all your foodstuffs and equipment are on the floor. Once you’re face to face with all your kitchen contents there’s no going back!


  • Next, group everything. For example, put herbs in one place, serving accessories in another, saucepans elsewhere and so on. Now’s the time to be ruthless. Throw away all products which are out of date, recycle the tins and packaging, and send anything you have more than one of (or one set of) to the charity shop (salad servers, mugs and tea towels are often the worst culprits!).


  • Once you have a (hopefully) condensed set of kitchen utensils and foodstuffs it’s time to get creative. Start thinking of better ways to maximise the kitchen space you have available, both inside and out of the cupboards. Kondo advises to stand products vertically or folded (never stacked – this just encourages hoarding, she says) and to store products by category, for example tins in one cupboard, cutlery in another, and so on.


  • While you’re purging your kitchen it could be a good time to think about a kitchen makeover. Replacing old, cracked, outdated doors, upgrading worktops, taps and sinks, as well as adding additional storage solutions is a cost effective way to refresh your kitchen to avoid the embarrassment of inviting people into your messy home. Dream Doors offers a range of storage solutions including changeable drawer layout, clever food storage, ultimate 360 carousel, blind corner optimisers, larder utensils and much more.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get purging!

View Dream Doors kitchen storage solutions to help people transform even the most cramped kitchens into efficient and enjoyable spaces.


*Research from Psychologies Magazine, September 2015, Page 12. Top tips for decluttering your kitchen were inspired by Marie Kondo

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