The Kitchen of the Future- 3 Amazing Kitchen Gadgets

Dream Doors Kitchen Gadgets

We’ve got fridges equipped with ice cube dispensers. We’ve got non-touch taps. But what does the future hold for our kitchens?

These 3 kitchen gadgets may shape the way we use our kitchens forever, and they’re a lot closer to reality than you may think. In fact, many of these appliances are currently in development!

1) Chop-Syc


The brainchild of Siobhan Andrews, Chop-syc has created quite a buzz since it won Sharp’s #GetItDownOnPaper design competition late last year.

On the surface (forgive the pun), it may look like a humble chopping board. But it’s actually a highly intelligent touchscreen device loaded with amazing features as well.

Using it, you can create and pick saved recipes from the board’s in-built app, and view them on-screen in mere seconds. Then, you simply have to select how many people you’re cooking for, and the system will calibrate the perfect portion size for each person.

And that’s not all- As you’re preparing your food, the tablet will actually weigh your food using in-built scales, meaning zero waste and healthier, balanced meals. There’s even talk of a pasta measurement tool, which ensures that you’ll never have too much pasta and too little sauce!

This award-winning idea may only be a prototype right now, but it’s destined to be available in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled!

2) Nutrima


Nutrima, another award-winning concept created by Janne Palovuori of Finland, offers some of the functions of Chop-syc along with much, much more.

Essentially, it’s a food analysis gadget, which measures the weight and nutritional value of any food placed on its in-built scales. Whether you place a piece of salmon or a doughnut on it, this amazing device will give you a breakdown of the calories, protein, carbohydrates and fat contained in any food. It will even tell you how fresh your food is based on the toxicity levels it measures!

It’s also portable and bendable, meaning you can slap it down on almost any surface and it’s good to go. Not only that, but with its online capabilities, it can even help you source quality local foods quickly and easily.

Like Chop-syc, Nutrima is currently in development and likely to hit UK kitchens by storm upon release.

3) HAPIfork


Aside from ingenious chopping boards and measuring tools that are designed to make kitchen life easier, even the way we eat our food may be transformed in the near future.

It’s been proven in numerous studies that eating your food too quickly leads to poor digestion and weight problems. And the HAPIfork seeks to address this issue.

Created by French inventor Fabrice Boutain, the HAPIfork is a revolutionary utensil that lets you monitor exactly how quickly you are eating. Using electronic analysis equipment, this amazing fork tracks your eating habits, and alerts you with lights and vibrations if you’re eating too quickly. Aside from this, the HAPIfork measures how long it takes you to eat.

All of this information is recorded, and it’s simple to upload it via USB or Bluetooth to its web application. Once you’ve collected vital information, the app can even coach you into better eating habits!

Feeling Inspired?

These devices are a mere taster of the technology just around the corner. But if you’re feeling inspired, Dream Doors can help you modernise your kitchen with our wide range of style options and modern appliances.

Simply click to locate your nearest kitchen showroom. Our kitchen experts are only a phone call away!

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