Alternate Options To Give Up For Lent

Dream Doors Lent

Lent is here! You know what that means, another chance at our fabled new year resolutions. We may have broken some of our previous resolutions already but now is the perfect time to bring back some restraint to our lives.

Traditionally Lent is the time of giving something up. Therefore, many often refrain from certain foods such as sugar or fat. Although some people prefer to give up a different option in their lives to feel happier and more content.

Now don’t go crazy and expect yourself to give up everything and turn out as pure as a Tibetan monk on the 13th April, because (spoilers), it’s not going to happen. You can however improve one little aspect of your life and certainly feel a bit better for it.
Need some inspiration? We at Dream Doors have you covered. Pick one of these options and partake for this year, you certainly won’t regret it.

Drive less

Driving Lent Dream Doors

Let’s be honest, driving everywhere you need to go is both easier and faster than other alternatives. Heck, sometimes I wish I could drive from my kitchen to my front room.

Never the less driving costs money, damages the environment and robs you of some much-needed exercise.

So why not cut down? Simply walk where you need to go (or god forbid run). Do you have to travel a far distance? Use a bike! Simple exercise like this releases some much-needed dopamine into your system and makes you feel great!

Watch less T.V

T.V. Lent Dream Doors

Who doesn’t watch T.V? Ever since its indoctrination into society every man and his dog enjoys sitting in front of the sparkly box to enjoy the next hit show.

However, have you ever considered that you watch too much television? For a lot of people it’s all they do away from work!

The problem with television is that it is a passive activity, you sit there and absorb what you’re shown, you aren’t using any brain power. Why not replace T.V. with a more active pastime such as reading? Your brain needs exercise too!

Cut out meat

Vegan Lent Dream Doors

Let’s go for something a little more in line with the classic idea of Lent. Going vegetarian for a bit can be easier than you think as there are many substitutes for meat available.

The advantages of giving up meat even for a short time can be great, such as: Reversing heart disease, staying slim, saving money and embracing new recipes.

Stop drinking

Drinking Lent Dream Doors

We English love our drinking. Whether its a few pints during the rugby or a glass of wine before bed, there’s booze for any situation.

That being said, England’s drinking problem is pretty horrendous, especially our obsession with binge boozing. Why not do your part to make our country sober up by abstaining for a while?

Drinking excessively can cause numerous body problems so why give it up?

Quit smoking

Smoking Lent Dream Doors

Much like drinking, smoking is huge in our country. I feel like the damage smoking does to our health is obvious at this point so it does not merit repeating.

There are although many benefits that may not be obvious at first, for example: Better breath, better lung performance, more energy, less stress as well as improved smell and taste.

This one may be hard due to nicotine’s inherent addictiveness although with some willpower it can be done. Don’t rely on these newfangled E-cigarettes either, they could be just as bad!

Turn off your tech

Tech Lent Dream Doors

Much like T.V. although here we are referring to technology that requires our active participation. This could include working on computers, using your mobile or playing a video game.

Staring at a screen all the time can be bad for your eyesight as well as messing with your natural circadian rhythms. Cutting down on these effects can make you feel more relaxed, less stressed and help you sleep.

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