Four Kitchen Improvements That Add Real Value to Your Home

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According to a recent survey carried out by the National Organisation of Home Builders, kitchen improvements and refurbishments are being carried out by 17% more homeowners now than in 2012. And it’s no wonder. Simple changes in the kitchen aren’t just a cost-effective way to add beauty to your living space; they’re a solid investment that can increase the overall value of your home. In this post, we’ll run through four of the most popular kitchen improvements:

kitchen improvements

Replace your kitchen cabinet doors

To achieve the look of a new kitchen, many people believe that they have to rip out the existing kitchen and start all over. This is simply not the case.

Kitchen carcasses (the actual bodywork of the kitchen that holds it all together) are typically built to endure several decades of use. So, in many cases, fitting replacement kitchen cabinet doors is all you need to do to achieve the look of a brand new kitchen. And, what’s more- by refacing rather than replacing, you’ll save yourself thousands and have the job done in days, not weeks.

Install new kitchen work tops

In many cases, the work tops are a kitchen focal point, central to the theme of the whole room. But after years of use, they can end up looking tired and worn.
Replacing your kitchen work top isn’t as difficult as you may believe, and a simple replacement can really cast character and set the mood in style. Modern kitchens are complimented beautifully by granite worktops and more contemporary styles tend to be more suited to real wood worktops. But the options are endless! Simply contact a kitchen worktop specialist such as Dream Doors to explore your options.

Rethink your kitchen lighting

By replacing and repositioning your kitchen’s lighting, you can enhance its appeal and draw attention to its key aspects.

Replacing your kitchen lighting is an extremely cost-effective way to transform your kitchen space, and a kitchen specialist such as Dream Doors will offer a diverse range of lights to suit every taste and every space. From the gentle radiance of discreet shelf lighting to the striking impact of modern strip lighting, replacement lights can transform the look and feel of your kitchen easily.

Remodel your kitchen layout

Is your kitchen space a little cramped? Maybe you simply want a new look altogether? Remodelling your kitchen’s layout can prove to be a shrewd investment in the long run.

One increasingly-popular style is an open-plan kitchen, especially when the kitchen is integrated into your existing living or dining room. This achieves a dynamic modern look, which can add real value to your home. This is because open plan floors essentially improve the overall flow of your house, and by removing existing walls, more natural light is free to flow into your home. Just ensure you contact a contractor to assess costs first of all, and speak to a kitchen expert such as Dream Doors who can help you achieve your dream look for less.

Feeling inspired?

Then talk to us today. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners across the UK to achieve their dream kitchens for less, and our experts would be delighted to offer professional advice on your kitchen makeover. To locate your nearest showroom, simply enter your postcode into the ‘Find Your Nearest Showroom’ box on the right-hand side of the page.

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