5 Easy Ways to Give Your Kitchen a Summer Look!

Dream Doors Summer

With the days getting warmer and brighter, summer is just around the corner. Many of us are getting ready for the summer holidays, dreaming of a quaint summer house getaway.

But the truth is- you don’t have to take a holiday to enjoy a beautiful summer-themed home. In this post, we will reveal 5 steps you can take to create that laid back summer look in your kitchen- the space for seasonal gatherings, parties and summer cooking.

1 – Grow Some Fresh Herbs

kitchen herbs

What could be more summery than a beautiful selection of home-grown fresh herbs? All it takes is a few flowerpots and little bit of sunlight. You can place pots on your kitchen windowsills or you could even get creative and wall-mount them in custom containers. Growing your own herbs is great fun for all the family, and you can get your kids involved and even educate them on the benefits of ‘growing your own’.

2 – Get A Kitchen Bar

kitchen bar

Become the envy of your friends by setting up a kitchen bar to cater for your guests. It’s as simple as arranging a selection of wines and spirits on the edge of your kitchen counter. You could even replace one of your wooden kitchen cupboard doors with a glass door to display your wine and spirit bottles. If you want the ultimate kitchen bar, you could get an additional fridge installed, meaning chilled wine and ice-cold beer is always available.

3 – Replace Your Kitchen Doors

kitchen doors

By replacing your kitchen’s cupboard doors and drawers, you can create a summer look quickly and easily. The beautiful Vanilla Warwick scheme above is a summer favourite. Its white finish completed with natural wood creates that fresh and timeless summer look. Throw in some classic bistro stools and wooden utensils and you’ll have a space you’ll love in no time.

4 – Create A Display Of Cooking Books

cooking books

Add some practicality to your kitchen by arranging your cookbooks and displaying only summer volumes. There’s no point having stodgy stew recipes and winter favourites on hand in the middle of summer, after all! You could even install some shelves in your kitchen to house your collection. Just make sure you have your cookbooks on hand so that you’re always prepared for unexpected guests and parties this summer!

5 – Finish With Accessories

kitchen accessories

It’s easy to complete that summer look with some stylish accessories. You could simply place some fresh fruit in an oversized wooden fruit basket. Another idea is to visit local shops and pick up some colourful kitchen gloves, decorations or plush toys. Get creative and try hanging accessories from hooks- just don’t be afraid to experiment.

Let Us Help You Create Your Perfect Summer Look

At Dream Doors, we’ve helped countless people across the UK achieve the kitchen of their dreams. Whether you’d like your very own kitchen mini bar or a brand new look altogether, our kitchen experts are on hand, ready to help.

To find your nearest kitchen showroom, just click here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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