12 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Junk Into Quirky Kitchen Storage

There was once a time when even considering using a garden rake to hang kitchen utensils would have been, quite frankly, absurd. Well, not anymore. Gone are the days when old crates and jam jars are simply junk. They now represent new possibilities for your decor. Once just a way to save money, repurposing and recycling are now hot trends alongside DIY. Being caught rummaging through your garage, attic, and charity shops might once have been a cause for shame, but is now considered – dare we say – rather “cool”. 

At Dream Doors, we’ve being scouring the net to find some of the best DIY projects for your kitchen storage. Not only are they totally practical, they also just so happen to look amazing. You’ll be the envy of all your friends when you brag about how little you spent organising your kitchen.


1. With all the leaf blowers and ingenious new gardening tools, the garden rake doesn’t see much action these days. We’d be willing to bet yours is sitting idly in the garage gathering dust. If you’ve been struggling to find a home for your spoons and spatulas, or are sick of getting your cutlery drawers stuck on them, this is a great solution.


Quirky Kitchen Storage


2. Where to put the precious wine? Now that is the question. If you enjoy a bottle of rouge and take pride in your selection of vintage merlots, take the opportunity to show them off in an equally vintage wine shelf. Unique, inexpensive, and most importantly – accessible.


Quirky Kitchen Storage


3. Shelves out of drawers. Most of us have an old chest of drawers, looking a little worse for wear, somewhere in our house. By painting the drawers and hanging them you can add a whole new storage space in your kitchen. Perfect for glasses, tea sets, and any other pieces.


Quirky Kitchen Storage


4. It’s no secret that a ladder can be pretty useful, even in the least conventional sense. We’ve seen ladders being used for plenty of DIY tricks in the house – everything from bookshelves to Christmas trees. This one lends itself particularly well to hanging pots and pans. It’s an ideal addition to the more rustic kitchen.


Quirky Kitchen Storage


5. The crate: the epitome of the upcycling era. Because they’re so readily accessible and easily manipulated, they can become almost anything. This example showcases them as little storage units in the kitchen. Bottles, books, jugs, jars… you name it, these DIY shelves will hold it.


Quirky Kitchen Storage


6. Who would’ve thought a shutter door could come in so useful? While you doubtfully have any just lying around, they’re a bargain if you can pick up a second hand one. They can be used for a plethora of things: tea towels, utensils, to-do lists… anything your heart desires..


Quirky Kitchen Storage 6


7. Pegboards are great for storage in any room. You have the ability to “peg” pretty much anything to them, which makes them ideal for all your bits and bobs from around the kitchen. Easy to paint, easy to position, takes up little-to-no space — it’s the solution to all your storage problems.


Quirky Kitchen Storage


8. Mason Jars. Knives, forks, spoons, fish slices, spatulas, whisks; there’s a lot of utensils to contend with in the kitchen. Using mason jars you can stow these away neatly and also create an intriguing wall feature. Never again have anyone ask where you keep your spoons.


Quirky Kitchen Storage


9. Imagine never having to say “Where are my keys?” again. Some people have a bowl, some people buy a pretty little key hanger, we say “Make your own.” Using old cutlery and a block of wood you can create a cute little feature on your wall.


Quirky Kitchen Storage


10. The ladder makes a return on our list. Same method, different purpose. Most of us find we have a lot “things” we don’t really need to use all year round in our kitchen. Table cloths, glass goblets, candles sticks etc. all need a home. This solution keeps them out of the way, but not too far away… in the event of an emergency dinner party!


Quirky Kitchen Storage


11. Why waste precious cupboard space when you can utilise wall space for your herbs and spices? Not only incredibly practical, it’s also much handier when it comes to time to cook. You can easily see what’s where without all that noisy rummaging.


Quirky Kitchen Storage


12. Displaying your mugs is a great way to inject some personality into your kitchen, while also saving extra cupboard space. Stacking different shaped and sized mugs away in cabinets is always a pain. Save yourself the agro and hang them from your own DIY mug rack.


Quirky Kitchen Storage


These are just some ideas to inspire your own kitchen projects. If you have any DIY storage ideas, please let us know. We’d love to see them!



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