10 Great Romance Films for This Valentine’s Day

Dream Doors Romance Films

Sure, we all have different activities we enjoy with our partners, from bowling and jogging to reading and cooking, every couple has their hobbies. Although, sometimes the most romantic thing is to simply snuggle up on the sofa and watch a great romance.


Romances don’t often get a lot of attention in the film industry. This is especially a shame as some of the greats tend to get drowned out in favour of blockbuster action films.


Never the less great romances have been put onto the big screen with worldwide praise. It is our pleasure to bring you, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, our list of 10 Great Romance Films. (No Twilight, obviously).


We hope you and your partner enjoy.



Valentine's Day Films Titanic

Okay let’s start with one that everybody knows. Haven’t heard of Titanic? Well then, your either too young to be considering romance or have been trapped in a cave for several uninterrupted years.


Titanic stars the incredible Leonardo DiCaprio and the beautiful Kate Winslet as members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the Titanic, a cruise ship with an ill-fated voyage.


Taking a very Shakespearean approach to romance the two quickly fall in love. Conflict is also prevalent through the tale, eventually leading to tragedy.


Titanic was a break out success, being nominated for 14 Academy awards and becoming the highest grossing film of all time.


There’s no better time to watch this bittersweet tale of romance on the water.


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Valentine's Day Films Eternal Sunshine

From something everybody knows to a generally unheard of cult classic. This film mixes many genres together being a romance, comedy, science fiction, drama. Who would have guessed, Kate Winslet yet again?


Featuring the enigmatic Jim Carrey this film focuses on one couple’s relationship, explored through a non-linear and mysterious narrative. The film involves aspects of a psychological thriller and attempts to present an honest look at love and heartbreak.


The story poses a simple question, what if you could erase the memories of a person from your mind?


Heralded as an incredible tour de force of creativity, this film is for the couple looking for something smart and a bit different this Valentine.


It Happened One Night

Valentine's Day Films It Happened One Night

An oldie but a Goldie. This film, first released in 1934, seemingly hasn’t aged a day since its release and still manages to entertain 80 years later.


The film is one of the very first rom-coms, incorporating elements of screwball comedy into an endearing tale. This focuses on a woman trying to escape her family accompanied by a reporter looking for a grand scoop who is posing as a kind stranger.


The tale shows a realistic blossoming romance alongside tense scenes and comedy that hasn’t aged a day.


A must see for those looking for a classic.


50 First Dates

Valentine's Day Films 50 First Dates

Okay, perhaps not as highly regarded and critically praised as the other films on this list but we all need a break to watch something light hearted and simple, right?


Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, this film focuses on a man afraid of commitment who falls in love with a woman suffering from short-term memory loss. His solution? Simply keep pretending the two are on their first date.


A cheesy comedy through and through, Sandler’s need to prove himself is endearing and makes for a feel-good experience.


Want something simple, funny and soppy? Here’s your film.



Valentine's Day Films Grease

Find me one person who doesn’t like this film, found one? Tell them they’re wrong!


Grease is an incredible musical with a classic soundtrack which never fails to get the toes tapping. Good girl Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) and greaser Danny (John Travolta) fall in love over summer and attempt to rekindle that love in high school.


The film revolves around the two separate clicks (the T-Birds and the Pink Girls) and how the two leads try to act more like each other to further cement their feelings.


A passionate movie full of energy and vibrancy, Grease is for those who love musicals and just want a good time.



Valentine's Day Films Casablanca

We’re going right back to 40’s with this flick. Even if you haven’t seen this film you must have heard its name due to the incredible influence it left on cinema.


The film focuses on a cynical American expatriate who meets a former lover. Of course, unforeseen complications ensue the lead having to choose between fighting the good fight once more or being with the woman he loves.


Poignant, intelligent and a marvel of cinema, Casablanca delivers on all fronts. The film often delivers iconic scenes and quotes, such as the legendary “We’ll always have Paris”.


Never seen it before? Definitely worth a viewing.


The Notebook

Valentine's Day Films The Notebook

Yes, you probably saw this coming, Ryan Gosling is so dreamy blah blah…


Apart from the unnaturally handsome lead actors this film has a solid story with plenty of conflict to keep it intriguing.


Initially set in a present-day nursing home, the tale recounts an elderly man reading a tale to a fellow patient.


From here the film focuses on the tale itself. Set in the 1940’s, it depicts a poor yet passionate man who falls in love with a rich young woman, giving her a sense of freedom she never had before. Unfortunately, they are forcibly separated due to their social difference.


A tale of endearing romance, The Notebook has the capacity to make you both laugh and cry.


Although I certainly didn’t cry…. I promise (sniff).


Love Actually

Valentine's Day Films Love Actually

We talked a little about this on Christmas, although this time we’re mentioning it because of the romance!


An incredibly light hearted and endearing tale, complete with an A-List cast and stellar dialogue.


This movie follows the lives of eight very different couples each with their own love stories in various loosely interrelated tales.


The film is both charming and uplifting, encapsulating a perfectly British tone.


Funny and sweet. Like the sound of it? Then go check it out!


500 Days of Summer

Valentine's Day Films 500 Days of Summer

A little bit of an unorthodox pick right here, but incredible nonetheless.


500 Days of summer is primarily a comedy but includes both romantic and incredibly poignant moments. Featuring the plights of a man who falls for a woman who doesn’t believe in true love, the film follows a non-linear form skipping through various days in their relationship.


True relationships like this aren’t seen often in Hollywood and the film is praised for its realistic view of romance.


Get ready for one hell of a rollercoaster because this film sure plays with your emotions.


Silver Linings Playbook

Valentine's Day Films Silver Linings Playbook

Again, a little different, but hey why go with the simple?


Silver Linings Playbook follows the story of Pat (Bradley Cooper) as he copes with a recent diagnosis of bipolar disease after beating a man whom his wife was cheating on him with. After a brief stint in a mental hospital he is determined to go out into the world and win back his wife.


Along the way, Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) who has issues of her own, and the two begin a mutually beneficially partnership.


Incredibly different to anything seen before, this film puts mental illness into the limelight and treats the characters and situations with respect not often seen.


Incredibly thought provoking, decent and charming, Silver Linings Playbook is for those whom want to see a romance thrive, no matter the odds against it.

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